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Sacer and Savive

It's The Sh!t

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It's The Sh!t
I’ve been working on this product for over 2 years!  First raising and loving on our bunnies. Then learning about plants. Then testing out my idea on my garden then sharing with my friends to make sure it helped them too. 
Once I knew it worked and works well! I mean I’m no green thumb but using this in my garden it exploded with fruits and veggies and production lasted longer than normal and grew bigger than others too. I was so stoked!!
Fun fact rabbit compost is a cold compost that means it won’t burn your plants like a hot compost (chicken poop is a hot compost) would. It does this amazing thing giving the plants the nutrients it needs as it needs so to last longer and helps plants more. I’m telling you it’s the shit….lol
Then came the name. Oh the perfect name. What’s funny is I don’t cuss so I still get a little nervous saying it out loud but I also couldn’t resist the perfect name for this. It’s the shit is the shit!!! It’s what’s makes this the best thing ever:)
Wanna try some? I have 2 sizes to start a10oz bag which Is the brown bag one shown for $9 this is perfect if you have handful of house plants and I have a 2 lb bag for $19 which is a white poly bag with handle this is good if you have a ton of plants or garden
Right now I’m not shipping so if your local when you order you will get a email or text shortly after to work out pick up. 
We hope to be in some local shops soon too. One for sure will be @artlinkclarksville downtown

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