If you don't know who April The Giraffe is, you have either been living under a rock or... no. That's it. You MUST be living under a rock, because April is not only tall, beautiful and an amazing mom, but she is the latest YouTube sensation that has taken the world by storm! 

So, why are we devoting an entire blog (and NEW TEE/TANK LINE) to everyone's favorite giraffe & her new baby? Well, the way we see it is: Mother's Day is right around the corner & any opportunity to celebrate a new momma is a big WIN in our book! 

April made her big debut on YouTube in late February of this year & she almost got shut down for reports of "explicit content." But like all of us fearless mommas, nothing could stop April from showing us how beautiful bringing a new life into the world truly is! She spent her last several weeks of pregnancy glowing radiantly towards that webcam in the sky! 

As the weeks passed on, everyone continued to ask the question, "When will April have that baby?" Then finally, on April 12, 1.2 million of us watched her she gave birth to her beautiful little miracle! Her son, Taj, was named Tajiri which is Swahili for HOPE. And there is no better word to describe how all mother's feel when they bring a child into the world. HOPE for good health. HOPE for happiness. HOPE for a bright future. HOPE for adventure, love and success.


“And the child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was on him.”  (Luke 2:40)

In celebration of April, Taj & all new moms out there, we invite you to explore our new tee/tank designs, inspired by his arrival and the bond he shares with this mother.