It might be true what you hear. It might be a lie. How do you really know that you know that you know. Thats the true question. Surely the internet has all the "RIGHT" answers too. After all the internet doesnt lie....bahahahaha

I find it funny when I am out and about and someone recognizes me and says "hey you make those shirts! Your from Sasser and savy" as I laugh inside and a little on the outside too. I reply yes! Thats me. I sneak in the correct pronunciation "Yes SOCK-AIR AND SAH VEEVE is my clothing line!"

I didn't pick the name to make it hard on everyone. I swear:) It sorta just is. The name was a very important part of the creative process and development of my line. I started with a group of friends and it was a team effort. We had many great options on the table but when the word "Sacer, which means sacred in latin" was brought to the table we all just knew that was it! Fast forward several years we added "Savive" Our accidentally made up word that fit our boutique line we added. This is the very reason I don't judge anyone for miss saying our name. 

Quick story time.... One day I was reading an article about a band I enjoyed that I just heard of. Since Im not the best reader....I miss read the band name. Thinking it was a super neat name. I later over heard someone say the band name and realized I had read it wrong. So my happy mistake lead to our boutique line name that went perfectly with our t-shirt line. The end result was "Sacer and Savive". Sometimes a mistake and lead to a great result. Remember that one.

Moving on we as a whole and still to this day have began and continue to do everything Sacer for Jesus. Its our deep faith and what matters most to us in life. It is SACRED to us and we carry it over to you. We have a deep urge within us to do something and be something and have purpose. We have a need to impact others and influence our surroundings. This  goes without saying we all want to be important and feel needed in life. I know that Jesus has changed my life for the better. He has turned my future around. Im no longer searching and hoping for hope. I want this for others too. There was a way to make an impact and give others that hope in a creative way through Sacer. 

I want people to see a love a hope a future and a joy for themselves. We all have been lost but we don't have to continue through life that way. There is a hope. I get to show others that hope when I make a t-shirt. 

It starts with local market and in pulls in the new and improved yellow Sacer and Savive Mobile Boutique. Pop open the windows and put out a rack of clothes and we are ready for action. Many people are so curious and many request custom orders. The cool thing is I make them on the spot! They get to watch and chat with me the entire time its being made. Its fun, Its exciting and its nothing less than an experience. Everyone leave with a smile and a new cool shirt they cant get ANYWHERE ELSE. For me the best part is hanging out with new people and making a new friend and fan... I like to call them Frans!!! 

I love it, every minute of it. I only wish I could be more places at once. But ill take what I can get.

So when you see this yellow beauty rolling in you can know its more than just t-shirts its passion for people. 

I truely believe we must live out our passions or we aren't even truely living. We end up holding back or staying "safe". Its in the chance of your inner most love you feel the most fulfilled. Its scarey to take risks and get out of the box. We sometimes settle for safe and never experience true life. Take a chance on your heart and follow it for once. Live truely live!!! Are you ready?!

You are ready now and because of that I have a surprise for you. 

Its NEW YEARS and time for a NEW YOU! Today I give you half off our entire WEBSITE! Use code "NEW50" to be apart of the sale!!!