I am so super pumped to make this very special announcement tonight. I mentioned on some of the social feeds thats a message has been resignation within me for the past few weeks. The message was simple, I AM FOUND. I keep coming across the words and they hit me deeper and deeper every time. I AM FOUND in simple terms is just not being lost. Well what is lost? It can be many things, lost driving to a location; which happens to me all the time but thats not the meaning of this. It can mean not understanding a concept or lesson like at school or something; Im really smart so this never happens to me ( obviously I'm kidding) but non the less not the case here either. In this case its talking about our spiritual health. Are you lost or are you found? I could tell you the story about my entire spiritual journey but thats a story for another day. The bottom of the line is JESUS FOUND ME! 

So the cool thing about this message is that it doesn't matter where you are. It doesn't matter where you come from. It doesn't matter where you have been. You see Jesus loves us so much he finds us!!! Thats where the basis of this message comes from Jesus finding us right where we are. 


Your path could be smooth, rough, lots of curve balls or non at all. You could come from all walks of life and all parts of the world but it boils down to One God Who loves you so much HE FIND YOU!!! 

The second meaning is a little deeper. Not so easy to pick out off the surface. But in the Bible God refers to himself as "THE I AM" thats his own personal name for himself. So putting that with this message. The I AM FINDS ME AND I AM NOW FOUND..... AHHHHH it just gives me so much joy to think about.

It excites me so much to get this word out to you all. I hope you also share it with others. I have made this now into a design!!! I just posted them on the site and they are now available. There are 3 styles to choose from. heres the links


Just for reading this you will get a discount code for your I AM FOUND purchase. At check out use coupon code "FOUND20" and this gets you 20% off your purchase. 

Thank you for supporting this mission! Have a great week!