I want to first tell you a story. It wasn't too long ago that I was faced with the most challenging part of my life. I was going through a divorce and would soon be doing life in a way I never ever wanted to be true. I had a son and I had been a stay at home mom so after I processed all the hurt I was still left feeling abandoned and alone. Alone now to live and work and raise a child..... Have you ever been there? Seems like the lowest point you could possibly be and yet there you sit....alone.

Only thing about this is I was wrong! I was NOT alone!! I had my heavenly Father, my creator, my God by my side. Ever see that picture or it may be a painting of the foot prints in the sand? The one where at one point there were 2 sets of foot prints and suddenly only one set remind. You would think 2 were walking together and one left but no. That was the point Jesus carried us. When I think back now about that time in my life thats exactly what Jesus was doing! He was carrying me. 

I was faced with so many new challenges. Challenges I never thought I would get past. Challenges I didnt know how to go about facing. Challenges that shook my core and my mind into overwhelming chaos. I was a mess!!! Here I am over 30 with a son to raise as a single mom. I thought I would never be able to do it. 

I thought about Job in the bible. He lost everything over and over. he lost more than I had. He found his strength in God. He put his hope in HIM alone. Through that hope and his faith he had peace and he was protected and then in the end was blessed with even more than he has ever lost. Read the story of Job in the bible Job 1-42. I found so much hope in this story. I kept my focus on the Lord through all the struggles all along the way. He lead me to new friendships that surrounded me in love and support. He took away any bitterness from me that is so common in todays mind set. He gave me courage to face each day with confidence and new found joy. 

It was scary yet I took the path of courage instead of the paralyzing fear that wanted to overtake me. Everyday as I faced little challenges of day my courage grew. I made it through a week being a mom on my own and I grew in courage to face another week and another after that. I took my passion for art and created a business from it and over came the challenges of starting something and seeing it through without being in my comfort zone. I choose courage over fear. I choose courage over failure. I choose courage over defeat. 

What will you choose?

I pray for you and I encourage you on your path. I don't know what yours looks like but I know you can do this! Everyday is a new day and more hope is offered and renewed. If I can do it so can you.

So whats up with the Rabbit? Well I call him the Regal Rabbit. I think its funny cause your first thought of a rabbit might be he's cute and cuddly right? Maybe fast or running away to scurry into his hole? Not this rabbit. This Regal Rabbit is standing tall. This Regal Rabbit has his armor on. His generals jacket represents the armor of God we are to put on which gives us the protection we need, the strength and the knowledge to be able to face any challenge. The armor is our confidence so we can stand firm against and strategies with goals to bring us down. The more armor you wear the more courage you will have. The stronger you will become. The more challenges you can face. The more confident you will be in yourself and what your called to do. You are called to live with purpose. My mission with sacer and savive is to encourage along the way. Through sacer and savive you will be clothed with strength and dignity to live with purpose. 

What are you supposed to do? What do you love? Whats holding you back? Put on some courage today and find the answers to you questions but don't stop there. Take action!!! Be who you are called to be and know that you are loved doing it!! 

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