And you know what that means right??! Well its music festival season. I don't know about you but Vans Warped Tour is where we will be! This tour goes all over the country and I truely wish we could hit all the dates but we are glad to at least hit a few. 



This festival has always held a special place in my heart. I went to the first one in 1998. I know what your thinking....dang she's old... well yeah at least I'm older than I look. So Ill take that as a compliment and move on. So warped tour was where I started discovering music, discovering my passions, my style, my loves and hates, my friendships but mostly LOVE FOR EXPRESSION. Thats what music was to me; and vocal outburst of my emotional state of mind. Music and Jesus got me through hight school, young adult hood and it still gets me through stuff today and it all started WAY BACK THEN. 

 (some pix from last years warped tour)

So you can imagine how surreal it is now that I'm going to warped tour not to see the shows and make new friends and hang out in a mosh pit... Im going to tell the new generation of warped tour goers about my brand! Its unbelievable to me sometimes how life circles around. 

(sara my tour buddy from 2012)

This isn't my first year as a vendor but it is my first time telling about it though. So its bringing all those excited nostalgic emotions back. I remember when I first went on the tour it was 2004 thats the year Sacer and Savive really got going. I was friends with a band called Amity and they let me ride in their packed van with them. It was amazing. By amazing I mean everything I could have imagined it to be....No bed only a van floor where the seats had been taken out to give us enough room to lay 3 people maybe, prison style shower situations at what few dates we had enough time to take them between loading in at 6am and setting everything up by 10 am and promoting and working the lines until dusk. it was endless days packed with meeting new people every day in a new city everyday in 95 degree heat. As I write this is doesn't sound glamorous at all and your probably wondering why I even wanted to spend 90 sleepless nights in a tightly packed van of boys who hadn't showered but still jumped in willingly to go on this adventure. Well its just that, the adventure and unknown and ability to be in front of new people every day and tell them about my passion and get them excited about it too. 

(when I went out on the tour with black veil brides)

Sacer and Savive was only Sacer clothing back then was an extension of me. I came from a deep part of my core. my creative expression of how I see the world and want to be seen in the world all bundled into one hand stenciled design after another. Back then I spray painted every shirt... I may have lost a few brain cells along the way but over the years I perfected my craft and it eventually became what it is today. Here I am getting ready for another balls to the wall, SWEATY, dawn to dusk meeting people frenzy of a day. Its gonna be great! 


We will be at 3 dates this year Nashville, Atlanta and St Louis. Plan on coming to our booth too! We have games and giveaways planned all day long! Plus we will have new arrivals and exclusives just for warped tour. (ON STAGE VIEW OF THE CROWD AND ME WITH BLONDE HAIR!!!)


If you hadn't noticed all my subtle hints from the pictures my hair has been continuously up! Why you ask well cause its dang hot at warped tour. Unless you get stuck at one of the rainy dates (which really stinks by the way ) you will want your hair up! Your in luck because i just made a fun tutorial on how i wear my hair up in my signature bandana too. 

Now that you know the inside scoop on how I do my hair there are a few other things you need to know before you head out into the summer heat at a summer music festival. 

1. hydrate!!! It stinks to pay $5 for a bottle of water but way better than passing out and missing the rest of the days shows. 

2. Sun screen up! Suns out Guns out .... or really it should be Suns out sunscreens ON!! SERIOUSLY  bring extra and reapply often too. You will thank me later.

3. Bring a draw string back pack. Its light and not too bulky. It fits all the merch you know you will buy and keep it from getting lost. It will also hold that sun screen!!! ;)

4. Dress in light weight clothing. I see lots of people wear almost nothing to a festival like a bathing suit top and super short shorts. Hey at least they wont get their shirt dirty.  I mean I wouldn't wear that but to each their own. Simple t-shirt and shirts will do. Sneakers would be the best footwear though Im a flip flop kinda girl myself so the key is be comfortable. Its a long day to be uncomfortable the whole time. 

5. bring cash and stash it on you in a safe place... like the front pocket of your shorts. No one pick pockets there and its less likely to fall out too.

6. Its ok to wear the band t-shirt of any band playing the festival but its even better to wear a t-shirt for a band not paying;)

7. last but not least. If you go to warped tour and you know we will be there you better come to out booth, check out our mobile boutique, cool off in our ac, buys a custom made shirt or 2 and wear it the rest of the day!!!

Have a fun and safe festival season y'all!