The Gentleman Tee - Sacer & Savive

It’s 2017 and we are living in such amazing times… especially us ladies! Once we know what we want, we now have the opportunity to move forward. There are no limits to how far we can go or how long it will take us to arrive. Thanks to the courageous women before us, who paved the way, we are each emerging in our own forms of success… but it is not without cost. 

We work long hours and late nights. We juggle careers, homes, children and everything in between. And at the end of the day… there he is:

The Gentleman.

Sacer & Savive - Clarksville, TN Clothing

1 Corinthians 16:13-14

Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be in love.

This is what we love about our guys, and the qualities that we look for when choosing our forever partners in crime!

  1. He’s the ultimate gentleman. Polite, respectful, considerate and attentive are all words we use to describe him. He pulls out our chair, opens doors and takes our coat. He makes our Momma feel loved and our Daddy feel proud. Sacer & Savive - Clothing Clarksville, TN
  2. He’s honest. He can look us straight in the eyes and tell us how he feels. He never tiptoes on eggshells or beats around the bush. He’s a sharp shooter and, in return, wants to know what we have to say as well! This relationship is completely open and full of love!
  3. He’s cool, calm & collected. He can take care of himself and handles problems in a respectable manner. He is independent and values his relationships with others. His anger is projected through rational conversation and not physical altercations. We can always feel safe when we’re with him.
  4. He’s self-confident. Our guy believes in himself and will not lower himself to meet lesser expectations. He’s not pressured into doing things he does not believe in, and never questions his own decisions. He is intentional in all life’s little choices, and makes them with his loved ones at heart.
  5. He always has a positive attitude. He smiles, laughs often and loves with every inch of his soul. People love to be around him and he brightens theroom every time he walks in. Though there will be bad days in any relationship, he is determined to find the silver lining… and always believes thatGod has a plan for us all.

The Gentleman Tee is a celebration of our faithful, honest, courageous, hard-working and loving guys! We tip our hats to you all for being the amazing partners that you are… and can only pray that our young men follow in your footsteps to become The Gentlemen of tomorrow.