Im not really sure where my interest in survival has sprung from but between the way the world is going, watching the walking dead and something fun to do with my husband its become a developing interest for sure.  

I have had this phrase "I am Found" resignating within my soul lately. I know Its something God has put on my heart to share. Im that person thats always able to get lost easily. I have zero sense of direction. I think thats another reason this survival thing has been a growing interest. I often think about what being prepared looks like and for the most part it falls on us as individuals. If we want to survive any given situation what do you have to do?, You have to examine the scenario and gather the right supplies and even study some skills required to handle the tasks that will be required. But the common denominator here is that its all on us to take action and do what needs to be done. Thats the amazing thing about being "FOUND", it takes no skills, learning, gathering or anything. It just taking being. No matter what we are doing or where we are God our amazing Loving Father FINDS us!!! We are his and he is ours and He always finds us everytime!! The bible tells us how he loves us so much and if thats true of course he would find us! Once we are found of course at that point we must take action and choose him back or not and that gets into free will but I just want to rest in this for now. Let this just rest in your heart and give you a joy that YOU ARE FOUND as I AM FOUND.


Im working on making a shirt design for it. Ill let you know when this one is finished for sure. So since I was telling you about me being easily lost I figured If I am found (haha get it... no pun intended there) in a situation where I am lost or theres some crazy situation I'm alone and away from 1st world conveniences I wanna survive. So for my birthday my Husband and I went for a road trip to our favorite place... Chattanooga, TN. While we were there we put together my "go bag" or survival backpack. It was so fun to pick things out and strategically pick and talk about why I choose certain things and why my husband wouldn't choose the same things I would. I had so much fun I thought Id share some of the things I put in my pack.


This is me ready to share this adventure with you:)


so first things first my backpack. I chose a camelbak because it does 2 things it will carry water which we cant survive without at all and it has storage for my other gear. Some of these are way small and only carry water. I didnt know they made ones that were bigger so when I happened upon this one I was pumped. Now Im a little person in general as well Im only 4 foot 11 so I also wasn't wanting one of those giant back packs that are the size of another person. I wanted a Maria sized pack but still needed enough room and stuff to realistically survive if need be. So the next few pictures are some items I put in my pack. 

My favorite is my silicon pot. This pot collapses flat and has a metal bottom I can set it on my mini stove to boil my food and then fold it up when I'm done to safe space in my pack. I got it at and outdoor store but you can get all these items as well on AMAZON (a side note when you shop on amazing go to the amazon smile page which I have linked above. You can choose a non-profit organization to support and watch of your purchases amazon donates 1/2 a percent  to them! Please consider supporting Art Link CO-Op Inc) The other items I have include a solar flashlight so there no dependance on batteries, Theres a pock towel, mini string saw for cutting limbs as needed for fire or shelter, a survival tin with about 24 items for survival like fire, fishing, mending and so on, a poncho and survival blanket to stay warmer and dry. I don't have a picture of it here but I also have a solar charging panel to charge walkie talkie or phones without need to electricity. The panel has adaptors for anything you could think of or come across needing charging. I have also gotten a fold up stove that is wrapped in paracord. then I have attached on the outside of my pack my zero degree survival sleeping bag. This sleeping bag rolls up to a smaller than normal size and is lightweight but is made of a durable and heat absorbing material to stay warmer. Lastly my hammock is attached to my pack because how can you survive without that? haha I usually keep my hammock with me everywhere. I seek out hammock spots everywhere I go too. Thats almost a hobby within itself. 

Oh man I totally forgot the most important thing I have in my survival pack is my sacer gear. You should have a change of clothes in your pack for sure. So why not make it a obviously functional outfit but one you love too!! Ive included a long sleeve shirt. I have chosen the Travel to the ends of the earth Long sleeve 

at least you know you will look cute in any survival situation haha. Its available in ladies and in unisex sizes too. Just think if you need some sort of map its on your shirt ;)


A scarf is another good garmet to keep in your pack that has many uses like flag, warmth and something used to dry off as well.     


One of the most precious survivors I know is my grandma. She is amazing. She stood by my grandfather, her husband for over 5 years while he battled cancer. She is here today not just surviving this world without him but she is truly living with such joy and love she's so wiling to share with others as well. She isn't alone thought. She has my grandfather beautiful memories and God our father the most important savior we could ask for and need. She survives and thrives truly living because of HIM! I wanted to give her a shoutout. 

Isn't she cute in her granbear shirt !??#%$^**  Here is the complete bear collection we have. Everyone of them is on sale just for you too!!


Staying organized is key to this survival thing too. So I also began organizing other areas of my life. Im excited about this new stencil bin. It is all labeled and it has wheels for easy transportation to all our events! 

Lastly to make best use of your survival pack go on an adventure with it!


This was my latest adventure. It was full of photo-ops Ill share them next time. Until then don't just survive this life.... TRULY LIVE.