The Sacer Story

The Sacer Story

About Us, The Who What When Where and How about the brand Sacer and Savive
Sacer began as a creative outlet for me during a dark time in my life. Over time this hobby developed into hand stenciling t-shirts with spray paint in my friend’s barn. We soon introduced it to bands we knew, getting us exposure. My passion for this art form just kept growing and so did the idea. We named this new venture Sacer, meaning “sacred”. It represented our faith and what we stood for.

But when I moved to Nashville the momentum stopped. Once I was ready, I picked up the pieces again to pursue the development of this Sacer idea. The idea turned into an experience when I took it on the road. First stop, Vans Warped Tour. This enabled me to get my idea in front of the masses. I knew Sacer meant something to more than just myself. I began to put a table out in front where people could see and make custom shirts right in full view. I started letting customers pick colors and placements themselves. It was becoming their expression and not just mine. While I was making their shirt I had a moment to talk to them and give them something they were a part of too, the Sacer experience.

I didn’t want this to just stop at t-shirts. I added boutique styles and renamed the line Sacer and Savive Clothing. In 2012, I bought a 14’ trailer, introducing my full line of boutique styles for infants through adults making a fashion store on wheels. I could now travel to events, making my business unique and accessible. The most important part of the Sacer experience is making sure no one is left out. I offer over 80 hand stenciled customized designs for your one-of-a-kind looks on the spot. Being a part of the creation process gives it a deeper meaning.

I saw this idea as a way to give back. I now work with many youth giving them hands on experience through the line. I offer classes through the non-profit I started called ArtLink and host a bi-annual fashion and art show to unite the entire community creatively. I know that for me, having a creative outlet was vital for me to overcome obstacles and build my self esteem and love life again. I now live passionately doing what I love and I want that for others. Because if we aren’t living passionately are we even truly living?

I want to see this Sacer experience taken to its highest potential and be available coast to coast. This is a simple idea that gets people excited. When I am interacting with someone while making their shirt you see them light up, in turn I light up. I want to see this idea affect our communities in a positive and creative way. I want to change the mindset of custom clothing; from too expensive and hard to reach to affordable and easy to access.

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